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Mobile security patrols can be used in a wide variety of settings and are especially beneficial for sites or buildings that are active during the day, but susceptible to disturbances after employees have left for the day.
When thinking about commercial or residential security options, most people tend to immediately picture static security guards. However, if you need to secure a large site or don’t need constant 24/7 on-site security, then a mobile security patrol will likely be your best option.
Our mobile security patrols cover a pre-determined area, such as a parking lot or building perimeter, and can be scheduled to pass through at specified times or randomly based on your needs.

The Power of Preventative Security

Be it a construction site, apartment complex, or mall parking lot, it goes without saying that mobile security patrols allow for an extra level of security.
Mobile security patrols are one of the best forms of preventative security and criminal deterrents available today. While opportunistic criminals might be able to find a way around a security camera or alarm system, it’s significantly harder to anticipate when and where a roaming security patrol will show up next.

Custom Patrol Inspection Schedules

Like we mentioned above, one of the many advantages mobile security patrols offer is that custom or even random patrol schedules can be established. Such schedules involve our guards inspecting potential entry points and sensitive areas at unpredictable, yet consistent, intervals throughout their shift — giving you the upper hand over would-be criminals.

Effective Mobile Security Patrols

365 Patrol offers mobile patrol services and security guards who are constantly on the move throughout their shifts. You won’t find our guards sitting back munching on donuts! Our guards have received industry-recognized training to keep them attentive, active, alert, and responsive at all times. We provide:

  • Roaming Security Patrols: Our experienced security guards drive by your site and perform a thorough visual check from their vehicle. Should you require, they can also patrol the site on foot and ensure that any entry points remain properly secured and that any other potential safety or security issues are addressed.
  • Mobile Vehicle Patrols: Patrolling your property in one of our marked patrol vehicles guards to secure multiple buildings in a complex or a large industrial site, such as a production facility or oil & gas field, in a relatively short amount of time compared to a foot patrol.
  • Alarm Response Services: Mobile security patrols allow our professional guards to quickly and efficiently respond to and investigate any alarm activations at your premises.

Onsite Roaming Security Guards

Apart from the option to have your property included on a patrol route, 365 Patrol also offers dedicated on-site roaming patrols. As with all our other solutions, we can work with you to develop an on-site roaming security schedule tailored to your specific security and safety needs. Our on-site patrol services include:

  • Vehicle and/or foot patrol security services
  • Multi-location protection
  • Comprehensive perimeter patrol solutions
  • Large area field patrols
  • Secure courier delivery services
  • Random site inspection schedules
  • Alarm and emergency response solutions
  • Parking lot patrols

We provide all our clients with the same fully trained, professional, and experienced security guards Alberta has relied on for years. Let our industry-leading security patrol units protect you with an uncompromising level of security and site safety.

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