Retail Security

Our custom retail security solutions are designed to help secure commercial and retail premises like retail stores, shopping malls, and other outlets. Among the solutions we offer is a courtesy security escort service, ensuring that both employees and customers are kept safe as they travel around the premises, along with roaming patrols and entry point enforcement.
We realize that, when securing a retail location, the impression given by security guards can affect a customer’s perception of the retailer. For this reason, we ensure that our guards treat all of our clients and their customers with the utmost respect and courtesy and train our guards to protect the location while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

Retail Security Highlights:

  • Entry point enforcement against criminal trespassers
  • Parking enforcement
  • Mobile and roaming patrols
  • Courtesy security escorts

How 365 Patrol Stands Out from Other Retail Security Companies
Our specially trained security guards are renowned for their high levels of customer service and industry-leading protection. Hand-picked based on their professionalism and people skills, all our guards are more than capable of operating in a retail environment. Focus, dedication, and professionalism make up the foundations of our services, skills, and quality. Get in touch with us today find out why we’re one of the best retail security companies this side of Alberta.

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  • Fully Uniformed
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