Residential Security

365 Patrol offers Calgary residential security. We have developed several security programs to help in securing residential premises such as condominiums, apartment complexes, and other locations.

Among the programs that we can offer is the development of a parking enforcement protocol for your location, ensuring that only residents and authorize guests may use specific parking areas. We can provide roving mobile patrols through your premises to protect your residential customers and their homes from criminal trespass. We can offer security access checkpoints to provide limited authorized entry to the premises.

We realize that as a security patrol for residential location a certain level of respect must be provided to the clientele. Therefore, all of our security guards are highly trained in providing courteous respectful security. Our guards are taught to be protective of the location and residents, but to do so in a standard of quality that is respectful that this is their home residence.

365 Patrol promotes a high level of customer service and care in our security guards for this type of protection.

Highlights of Residential Security:

  • Access-point security and enforcement against criminal trespass
  • Parking enforcement
  • Mobile patrol
  • Courtesy escort and patrol

Not sure how to choose from the security companies in Calgary and Edmonton? This is what makes 365 Patrol stand apart:

We have specifically trained our security guards to provide the highest professional quality of service in respectful manner to clients and visitors.

Each of our guards is chosen for their own unique ability to operate in a residential environment.

Focus, dedication, professionalism are the foundations of our services, skills and quality. We encourage you to contact us today for a consultation.

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