Logistics Sector

365 Patrol has developed a program to help ensure the security of logistic operations. The locations to be secured can be as small as a trucking warehouse to an entire airport. The program is developed to provide a detailed customized security system for warehouses, shipping centers, rail yards, and airports. The primary services will be for the guards to protect the property from theft, as well as decreasing the threats from safety hazards.

In developing this type of security program, 365 Patrol will sit down with clients and review the security procedures for the location. The location to be secured may be a single building or a campus with several warehouses. We can provide entry and exiting security, restricting the site to authorized personnel. Regardless of the location or site, 365 Patrol will work with each client to develop a customized security plan.

365 Patrol provides Logistic Security with an emphasis on:

  • Airport or large facility security programs, including perimeter protection
  • Access-point security as well as mobile patrol of warehouses
  • Product loss and other anti-theft procedures

Why 365 Patrol Stands out from other security companies

As a professional security team, we have developed several parameters and programs, which set us apart from our competitors. Our guards are specifically trained to monitor perimeters of or patrols inside warehouses. Focus, dedication, professionalism are the foundations of our services, skills, and quality.

We encourage you to contact us today for a consultation, and see what makes us one of the top security companies in the Calgary and Edmonton marketplace.

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