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While other security companies might only be able to service smaller offices, clinics, or pharmacies, 365 Patrol offers a variety of different protection services for healthcare agencies and is fully equipped to serve as either the primary or supplementary security force in any healthcare institution. We provide a range of solutions specially designed to meet and exceed all possible on-site healthcare security requirements, from securing a facility against criminal trespassing, to ensuring that clients are treated with the utmost respect and customer service. Moreover, we understand that security guards are often the first contact clients have with any institution and are proud to be one of the only security providers in Alberta to combine premium security services with high-end customer support.
As always, our healthcare solutions can be fully customized to ensure that they meet your particular needs. We will meticulously look over every single detail and help you develop the best security solution possible to guarantee the safety and well-being of both your clients and employees.
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Healthcare Security Highlights:

  • Hospital and healthcare office protection
  • Customer service-oriented security
  • Protection against criminal trespassing
  • Entry point security and mobile patrols

How 365 Patrol Stands Out from Other Healthcare Security Companies
Our specially trained security guards are paid fair wages to and provide industry-leading protection 100% of the time. Hand-picked based on their professionalism and customer service abilities, all guards are fully briefed and prepared for the task at hand before being assigned to minimize complications and wasted time and to ensure that clients receive the most bang for their buck. Get in touch with us today for a consultation – and experience the best security this side of Alberta!

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  • Fully Uniformed
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  • First Aid Certified
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