Commercial Security

When it comes to commercial security, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. All our security solutions are unique and developed based on our clients’ individual needs and circumstances. We offer a wide range of tailored security solutions for all commercial clients, including entry point security and roaming patrols.

Commercial Security Highlights:

  • Entry point security
  • Internal and external mobile patrols
  • Custom roaming patrol schedules
  • On-site static guards
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Construction Security

Specializing in custom construction security solutions, 365 Patrol offers several dedicated solutions for construction sites and developments throughout Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. These include fire watch and reporting, safety hazard mitigation, on-site equipment security, and checkpoint or entry point security.

Construction Security Highlights:

  • Fire watch and safety hazard mitigation
  • Equipment security
  • Mobile patrol and perimeter enforcement
  • Entry point enforcement protocols
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Health Care Security

365 Patrol can act as either the primary or supplementary security force in any healthcare institution. Our hand-picked guards are more than capable of treating all staff and patients with the utmost respect and courtesy while ensuring the best protection possible.

Healthcare Security Highlights:

  • Hospital and healthcare office protection
  • Customer service-oriented security
  • Protection against criminal trespassing
  • Entry point security and mobile patrols
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We can secure anything from a small trucking warehouse to an entire airport. Over the years, 365 Patrol has developed a proprietary security solution catered to logistics operations that can offer comprehensive protection for warehouses, shipping centers, rail yards, and more.

Logistics Security Highlights:

  • Airport or large facility security solutions
  • Entry point security and perimeter enforcement
  • Mobile warehouse patrols
  • Anti-product loss and theft solutions
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Oil and Gas Security

365 Patrol is a leading security provider for the oil and gas industry in Calgary and Edmonton. We understand that oil and gas operations require
large and diverse security policies to cover everything from the various large-scale sites to the smaller office locations and have developed dedicated security solutions for our clients.

Oil and Gas Security Highlights:

  • Large field security and patrols
  • Facility entry point enforcement
  • Office building security
  • Mobile patrols spanning multiple locations
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Residential Security

365 Patrol has developed several security solutions to help secure residential premises such as condominiums, apartment complexes, and other locations. Among the solutions we offer is the development of a parking enforcement policy specific to the particular location.

Residential Security Highlights:

  • Entry point security and enforcement against criminal trespassers
  • Parking enforcement
  • Mobile patrol
  • Courtesy security escorts
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Retail Security

Our custom retail security solutions are designed to help secure commercial and retail premises like retail stores, shopping malls, and other outlets. Among the solutions we offer is a courtesy security escort service, ensuring that both employees and customers are kept safe as they travel around the premises.

Retail Security Highlights:

  • Entry point enforcement against criminal trespassers
  • Parking enforcement
  • Mobile and roaming patrols
  • Courtesy security escorts
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