Oil And Gas Security Sector

Oil And Gas Security

365 Patrol specializes in providing security services for oil and gas companies. We realize that this type of industry requires a large and diverse security protocol for their various properties. In oil or gas, companies may require security protection services at a large oil field, or offering on-site checkpoint security at a small office location. Regardless of the type of security services you need, 365 Patrol can provide the exact type of service that you require.

We can work with you in developing the specific protocols for your locations. This may mean developing entry and exit security protocols for oil fields, tank farms, refinery operations, as well as equipment storage areas. The on-site security service can be in the form of access-point security, roving patrols throughout the location, as well as prevention of fire or other safety hazards. Regardless of the type of security that you need we can provide exactly what you require, contact us today so that we may work with you to develop a detailed security protocol plan for your company.

Oil and Gas Security Emphasizing:

  • Large field protection and patrol
  • Access-point security at facilities
  • Office building security
  • Mobile patrol of multiple locations

Why 365 Stands out from other security companies

We have specifically trained our security guards to provide the highest professional quality of service in respectful manner to clients and visitors.

Each of our guards is chosen for their own unique ability to operate in and demanding field such as in oil and gas security procedures.

Focus, dedication, professionalism are the foundations of our services, skills, and quality. We encourage you to contact us today for a consultation, and see for yourself our quality security guards Calgary!

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