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Why choose 365 Patrol?

At 365 Patrol, we are a professional security company that has been able to prove itself as the leading provider of foot and mobile guard services. Our aim is not just to provide our clients the best in terms of private protection services but we also make sure that our clients are satisfied with our security guards who are trained and experienced to protect assets and property.

If you are looking for private security companies that can safeguard your property and you, we advise you to give us a call right away!         We can offer you highly customizable plans that will work perfect for you.

Why Choose Us?

Still looking for reasons to choose our services? Apart from a long list of satisfied clients who are constantly being protected by our highly trained private protection professionals, here are a few more reasons why you should consider choosing our services.

We Are Highly Experienced

With a combined experience of 20+ years of guarding malls, offices, neighborhoods and private clients, we are sure we can deliver private protection that meets your needs flawlessly. Over these years, we have served a diverse array of clients with our static guards, mobile patrol and monitoring services. It gives us pride to let you know that all of clients didn’t think twice before giving us a call again!

We Offer a Number of Services

Looking for a 360 degree private protection solution for your office or any other property? At 365 Patrol, we offer a variety of services that can be tailored according to your needs. We offer trained static guards who are experienced at protecting assets against vandalism, theft and other criminal activities.

We also offer mobile patrol services which is an excellent tool to deter all criminal activity within the premises of a neighborhood or a large property. In addition to these services, we also have the perfect team of surveillance guards onboard. These guards are skilled at monitoring CCTV surveillance around the clock and keep a lookout for any suspicious activity along with smoke, fire detection, and alarms.

You Can Trust Us

In the past two decades, we have successfully been able to establish ourselves as the trustable private protection service providers. Every company’s driving force are its employees, therefore we make sure that our employees get the best in terms of everything. This in turn drives the unconditional honesty and integrity in our security providers, who ultimately pass on the honesty in the services provided to you.

These are reasons enough to partner with one of the leading service providers in the industry and start ensuring protection for things that matter the most to you, today! Give us a call at 587 716 1365, see what makes us the top of all security companies in Calgary.

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