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The top qualities you should look for in static guards

With the rising number of security threats in industries around the world, a large number of commercial clients are now looking forward to taking security measures like never before. Hiring a security guard at your company is now not just considered as one step to protecting clients and employees; customers today also generally expect a sense of security from the companies they buy from. Therefore, it is essential that you invest in a security guard and make your customers feel safe and valued.

At 365 Patrol, we make sure that our guards are equipped with all the knowledge, skills and expertise it takes to ensure your safety. If you are currently busy looking around for security guards, we advise you to look for the following qualities. If you are able to notice the following things in your guard of choice, you can be sure you made the right decision:

Smart Appearance

First impressions count for you and for your clients, therefore, you need to be sure that the candidate you are going for looks and dresses presentable. Whether the static guard is in uniform or casual clothes, it should be one of their top priorities to look smart and follow the dress code. We offer static uniformed static guards who make sure that their appearance gives off an authoritative impression, enough to deter any criminals in sight.


A static guard’s job mostly revolves around trust, and responsibility, therefore it is essential for the guard to have a high degree of integrity. Guards who have worked with 365 Patrol share these very characteristics of honesty and strong moral principles. You should be able to trust your static guard with the job you assign them, and this is the quality you should look for.

A ‘Can Do’ Attitude

Being a static guard is not all about putting on a rigid face and being aggressive, it is mostly about being courteous, friendly, and using professionalism to deter aggressive customers, threats and criminals. In addition to this, a mentally positive security guard will make your clients feel significantly safe in your malls, company or offices.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are another important factor to successfully deter
any security threat. The static guard you choose should be able to greet and liaise with visitors, complete logs and pass on essential information. This will also make your job of coordinating responsibilities to your guard smoother in the future.

These are just a few of the qualities you need in your static guard to get the results you expect. Remember to contact us at 365 Patrol today and setup your static guard for private protection today – see for yourself what makes us the top of all security companies in Calgary!

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