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Simple Ways to Prevent Violence in Your Neighbourhood

Economic stress, health issues, personal problems, all of these are just a few indicators of a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed. We live in a time where violence is rampant, and pretty much a part of our daily lives.

According to statistics, a violent crime is reported every 17 seconds in America, and fewer than half of the violent crimes which take place actually get reported. As someone who strives to live in a stable neighbourhood in Calgary, it is the job of every citizen to keep a close eye on any suspected violent acts being committed in their community, not only to keep the people safe, but also to keep the victim from being abused longer.

1.      Neighbourhood Watch

When working for Neighbourhood Watch, the main goal is to not only keep the community safe, but also to spot any vulnerable areas. By getting the city council to plant more street lamps, the area becomes more secure by preventing any hidden spots for a perpetrator to hide in. Another reason why neighbourhood watch is so efficient is because you get to keep an eye on any recreational activities and events which might attract unwanted people to the area.

2.      Protecting our Children

Teenagers and children already lead stressful lives because of their school work but if they are not even getting the right safety and peace at home, they become prone to finding that peace somewhere else. Violence isn’t always about a big act. Even harsh words and a bad attitude can be harmful towards others and just because we’re having a bad day or are in a bad mood, doesn’t give us the right to be aggressive towards those younger to us. In a neighbourhood, if you ever see someone acting harshly towards a member of the youth, it is your duty to either report it to the police or someone from child protection services.

3.      Acting Responsibly

When faced with a situation which might turn violent, it’s better to keep a cool head and think of a solution rather than panic. Taking steps such as building a partnership with law enforcement, organizing volunteer opportunities or just being there for someone who might be going through a crisis is a step in the right direction. Above all, if you know someone who is abused in any way, take action and report them to the police immediately so that the victim knows that you support them.

4.      Bring the Community Together

When you’re working to create a good environment for your neighbourhood which is free of violence, being there for those around you is the key to creating an open environment. If a neighbour is under a lot of stress or is worried, instead of turning away, think of a way to help them. Take care of their garden, offer to babysit their children or their pets, and if needed, find a way to help if they need legal advice. Even small steps can help show that you are all there for each other.

5.      Updated Security

Many neighbourhoods hire professionals to help keep the peace. Along with the police, you can also hire security services in Calgary who can help you by providing services such as mobile patrol services etc. By doing so, you will increase the chances of actually creating a safe and healthy environment in your neighbourhood, with top Calgary security company.

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