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How Physical Security is a Part of Cyber Security

Cyber security has now become an integral part of any company’s structure, and with the use of technology, not only do companies stay properly protected, but they also use their programs to keep a watchful eye on their competition. Due to such advances in technology, companies skip out on physical security altogether and that is where they start making mistakes. Although we have many online security programs which protect our company data, they can also become subject to hacks and threats which might become harmful for the company, especially if all their data is stored online.

As a respected security firm, 365 Patrol has had its fair share of clients who had taken to physical security options mainly because their cyber security had gotten easily hacked and the building itself had become susceptible to intrusion. The option of physical security is important and by learning more, you will see how both cyber and physical security are not related, but are crucial when it comes to protecting your business information properly.

Lack of Cyber Knowledge

We’ve seen enough TV shows to know that if a person leaves their office unlocked or their computer on the whole time, they become the prime target for anyone who wants access to the company data. When working, we hardly believe that our cyber security will be broken into, simply because we entrust our online systems too much. The problem with cyber security is that even though it is created with the best firewalls and encrypted formulas in mind; if a person finds out the password, then they can easily access the network.

Proactive Defense

Physical security is known as proactive defense when it comes to the safety of a company’s data due to one thing; cracks in virtual defense. Cyber security is created via programming, which means that it is can still be accessed or hacked by someone who is experienced enough to know their way around safety codes. However, contrary to popular belief, this is rarely done from the comfort of a person’s home. Many a times, because the physical office itself isn’t defended to the same standards as the virtual ones, it becomes a huge gap in security because an unauthorized person can easily gain access to it.

Physical Security Options

Among our many clients at 365 Patrol, a large number use our services because they know that the physical security of their company is as important as their cyber security. From using static guards during the day to the use of surveillance installation at night, businesses are now becoming more aware and alert of the many threats that affect their data security if they do not take all aspects of their security into account.

The key to a proper security structure for any company is to have a well-educated and organized security team for both online and physical threats. Having such a vigilant team ensures that the next time there is a sudden increase in brazen hacking attacks, not only will you be prepared but you will also be ready to challenge anyone who tries to break the security of your company.

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