Hiring a Security Guard Company in Calgary, What To Look For

To some, hiring a private security company may seem like an unnecessary expense, but consider exactly what you stand to lose if someone breaches your security. If you want to ensure your business’ safety, there’s no way around it – you need to invest in top-quality security. We understand that this can seem like a bit of a daunting task, so to help make choosing the right security company that much easier for you we’ve compiled a handy list of what to look for when hiring a security guard company in Calgary.

Qualifications & Training

While a security company may boast years of experience, it’s definitely worth looking into whether their guards are actually certified or not. Most security companies actively showcase their and their staffs’ training and qualifications on their websites and should have no problem providing proof of such upon request. Any security guard company that avoids displaying their qualifications or refuses to show proof of their certifications should be avoided at all costs.

Experience & Reputation

When it comes to security companies, experience and reputation go hand in hand. Who would you rather have protecting your business’ valuable assets and information? A reputable, local firm that’s been around for a while, or a brand-new company who may or may not have the necessary skills to safeguard your business?

Customer Reviews

Practically everyone has a smartphone or at least one device capable of connecting to the internet, so there’s no excuse not to conduct some quick online research on a company you’re looking to hire. A company’s online reviews can provide eye-opening insights into past clients’ experiences and what you can expect when working with them.

Range of Services

When looking to hire a security guard company, you need to understand and consider the different kinds of services they offer. Do you want static guards? Mobile patrols? Entry-point security? Before deciding on which security company to work with you need to carefully consider the specific types of security services your business needs, then find a company that can cater to such needs.

Stick to Local Businesses

If you’re still not entirely sure of the type of protection your business needs, it’s best to consult with a smaller, more local security company. Not only will they be able to respond faster, but local security companies also tend to have a better understanding of the area and have experience in dealing with any applicable local threats.

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