5 Tips to Improve Construction Site Security

Expensive equipment and material stored on a construction site are a prime target for criminals like thieves and vandals. For this reason, it’s important that you properly secure your site and to help you with this we’ll be going over 5 simple, yet effective tips to improving construction site security.

Conduct a Security Audit

Construction site securities companies like 365 Patrol recommend and often prefer, that a security audit be carried out before implementing any specific security plans or protocols. Throughout the audit, security professionals will assess the overall security of the construction site and point out any potential threats, along with their recommendations on how to overcome any vulnerabilities – giving you all the information you need to properly implement your site security plan.

Implement and Establish a Security Plan

The first step in improving construction site security is to establish and implement an actionable security plan. This includes drawing a detailed map of the area, highlighting key assets and obvious vulnerabilities, and implementing a security strategy to protect them. At this stage, it’s worth taking the opportunity to create or adjust an existing emergency plan based on your security plan and train or re-brief site workers on the to correct procedures to follow in case of an emergency or security breach.

Secure the Site and Keep it Well Lit

As a follow up on the map you drew for your security plan, identify a perimeter around the construction site paying special attention to the location of key assets and vulnerabilities. Consider putting up fences, walls, doors, or gates to secure any valuable assets and address any vulnerabilities. Installing adequate lighting is one of the best and most cost-effective forms of construction site security and having a well-lit site is one of the best ways to deter potential criminals from gaining access.

Install Security Systems and Access Controls

Installing a security system will undoubtedly boost the security of your construction site. Such systems include alarms and surveillance systems. Surveillance systems are particularly useful as they allow for 24/7 monitoring of the site, giving you or the security company monitoring them the ability to act the moment a problem is detected. As their name implies, access controls such as centralized gates help maintain construction site security by controlling who has access to the site, keeping unauthorized persons or visitors out while ensuring that only authorized personnel are on-site at any given time.

Hire Security Guards

Whether actively patrolling, enforcing access points, or monitoring surveillance systems, having security guards on your construction site is a surefire way to deter and stop thieves, trespassers, and vandals in the act. Be sure to do your research when hiring security guards and only hire those professionally trained to secure construction sites and handle any associated threats.

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