Why Hire A Contract Security Guard Company for Your Business?

As crime rates are on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rely on the local police to respond in a timely manner. Local governments simply can’t afford a permanent police presence at every private business which is why more and more businesses are turning to private security companies to protect their assets.

No matter how safe you think the area your business is in is, there’s always a chance of crime and no business is immune to acts such as thefts, muggings, and vandalism. If you want to ensure the safety of your business and employees, hiring a contract security guard company to protect your business is essential. Moreover, depending on where you’re located, hiring a security company may be necessary to comply with local safety regulations.  The following are a few reasons why you should hire a contract security guard company to protect your business.

Your Business’ First Line of Defense

Contracted security guards have been supporting local law enforcement agencies for decades. As a result of the increased police response times, security guard companies are your business’ first line of defense when it comes to protecting against things like robberies, property vandalism, and even employee assaults. Just the presence of security guards can make a significant difference to the safety of your business and can act as a deterrent to potential criminals targeting your businesses – making hiring a private security guard company a sound investment.

Deter Potential Criminals

A contracted security guard company’s main priority is protecting your business and keeping it safe against criminal harm. Regardless of whether you opt for a static guard or mobile security patrol, simply having a security company on-site is a proven method to deter potential criminals from taking any chances. The reason behind this is that most criminals are in fact looking for easy targets, unprotected businesses that won’t put up much of a fight. While the level of protection you require may vary depending on the nature of your business activities, hiring a security guard company will undoubtedly up your business’ protection level.

Maintain A Safe and Secure Work Environment

It’s a fact that when security guards are present, employees feel safer and more secure. Not only that, but hiring a security guard company can also show your employees that you care enough about them to invest in their workplace safety and security. In other words, businesses who care about their employees’ wellbeing generally take it upon themselves to hire external, contracted security – even if they already have measure like CCTV and alarm systems in place.


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What to Look for When Hiring a Security Guard Company in Calgary

To some, hiring a private security company may seem like an unnecessary expense, but consider exactly what you stand to lose if someone breaches your security. If you want to ensure your business’ safety, there’s no way around it – you need to invest in top-quality security. We understand that this can seem like a bit of a daunting task, so to help make choosing the right security company that much easier for you we’ve compiled a handy list of what to look for when hiring a security guard company in Calgary.

Qualifications & Training

While a security company may boast years of experience, it’s definitely worth looking into whether their guards are actually certified or not. Most security companies actively showcase their and their staffs’ training and qualifications on their websites and should have no problem providing proof of such upon request. Any security guard company that avoids displaying their qualifications or refuses to show proof of their certifications should be avoided at all costs.

Experience & Reputation

When it comes to security companies, experience and reputation go hand in hand. Who would you rather have protecting your business’ valuable assets and information? A reputable, local firm that’s been around for a while, or a brand-new company who may or may not have the necessary skills to safeguard your business?

Customer Reviews

Practically everyone has a smartphone or at least one device capable of connecting to the internet, so there’s no excuse not to conduct some quick online research on a company you’re looking to hire. A company’s online reviews can provide eye-opening insights into past clients’ experiences and what you can expect when working with them.

Range of Services

When looking to hire a security guard company, you need to understand and consider the different kinds of services they offer. Do you want static guards? Mobile patrols? Entry-point security? Before deciding on which security company to work with you need to carefully consider the specific types of security services your business needs, then find a company that can cater to such needs.

Stick to Local Businesses

If you’re still not entirely sure of the type of protection your business needs, it’s best to consult with a smaller, more local security company. Not only will they be able to respond faster, but local security companies also tend to have a better understanding of the area and have experience in dealing with any applicable local threats.

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Should You Get Security Guards in Calgary for Your Neighborhood?

Should You Get Security Guards in Calgary for Your Neighborhood?

Realizing the importance of keeping an eye on the activities taking place in the surroundings certainly helps in reducing the crime rate. There are various ways of ensuring security and a number of plans are also present to ensure crime reduction; however, the basic and the most effective way is to hire security guards. With the help of a foolproof security system, you will be able to enjoy a good environment in your community. However, to live in a crime free area, hiring security guards from a professional security service is the best choice! Why? Let’s find out:

Crime Rate Reduction

The professionals hired from professional security services ensure crime reduction. The presence of security personnel is enough to keep intruders from breaking in! A plan is designed by the company to ensure availability of guards in different shift throughout the day. This helps in reducing the response time and the situation is dealt before anything goes out of hand.

Stress Free Environment for the Community Members

Security guards keep a close eye on the activities in the community, helping the members to remain stress free. The community members trust the person who is guarding their community and keeping their homes safe, thus a bond is also created between the security guards and the community members. Knowing that they have someone to look after potential threats, community members enjoy a stress free life!

Professionally Trained

Hiring security guards from professional security services ensures that you are hiring professional security personnel who are perfectly trained. This means that the guards can handle any type of threat and can prepare counter measures for any crime that may take place. Security guards go through extensive training which makes them learn how to deal with all types of situations. Additionally, specialized trainings such as residential patrol training are also provided to ensure security in the area.

24/7 Surveillance

In addition to the security guards provided by the professional security company, the community members can also ask for surveillance of the area. With this service, CCTV cameras will be installed which will be monitored by the professional security personnel taking care of the area. This will assist them in securing the area and they will be able to keep a close eye on all the activities going on in the community.

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How to Be a Security Expert

How to Be a Security Expert

Are you new to this field and looking for ways to become an expert? With the fast paced technological world, you should be able to master a few skills to become an expert. Eager to find out those skills? Read on:

Surveillance and Monitoring

Installing CCTV cameras is not enough. There should be a person monitoring the whole surveillance system and helping the company avoid threats. If you have been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the surveillance, make sure that you remain vigilant throughout. Stay abreast of all the changes that are taking place within the premises, and in surroundings of the building, as well. This will help you in identifying any potential threat that exists. Monitor each and every camera that has been installed in the building. This will help you in detecting any unusual activity that is taking place anywhere in the building. Additionally, you should also be able to detect fire threats, panic alarms, and smoke etc. to ensure safety.

Risk Assessment and Planning

As a security professional, you should be able to provide the company with a security plan. This plan should be comprehensive and include complete details of how it will benefit the company. Additionally, you should also learn to carry out a risk assessment. When working with the company, you will be in a better position to identify and detect the potential threats and then prepare a plan to counter those threats. Developing this skill will aid you in becoming an expert and a better security professional.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrols help in deterring crime by moving unauthorized people off site. A mobile unit can show up-scene as soon as anyone calls them and help in eliminating threats on the site. Security guards in this unit are in constant contact with law enforcement agencies which serves as a backup, when needed. A mobile patrol is usually a team work, thus you need to develop skills to work in a team. During an emergency, you will have to work with your team to detect threat and take all necessary steps as needed. Trespassers may or may not be present on-scene, but you should be prepared to deal with situations without panicking.

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