Four Benefits of Hiring Mobile Patrol Security Services in Edmonton

When thinking about security services, most people’s minds immediately drift toward static guards. However, it’s not always viable, nor is it always possible to have static security guards stationed at your business 24/7 – and that’s where mobile security patrols come in. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution for your business in Edmonton or simply need someone to stop by every few hours to make sure everything is OK, hiring a mobile patrol security service over static guards offers a few unique benefits including:

The Power of Preventative Security

Apart from stopping ongoing crimes, one of the major roles played by a security company is in actually preventing crimes from happening. Random security patrols help deter would-be criminals since there’s typically no way of figuring out when and where a patrol will show up next, thus most (smart) criminals won’t even bother plying their trade in an area patrolled by mobile guards.

Increased Protection

Being mobile means that security guards can cover more ground, and more coverage means more protection. Whether patrolling an area by foot, on a bike, or in a marked vehicle, there’s no arguing the fact that a mobile security guard is able to secure a much larger site than a static guard. Additionally, businesses having multiple locations would likely appreciate the reduced costs that come with hiring a single mobile security patrol over one or more static guards in each of their locations.

Immediate Emergency Response

A few minutes or even a few seconds can make a world of difference in an emergency. Whether it be an alarm, medical emergency, fire, or crime in progress, mobile patrols are inherently quicker at responding to emergency situations than static guards for the simple reason that they’re mobile. Being mobile allows security guards to take immediate action and swiftly deal with anything that comes up, which could even end up saving you a ton of money and unnecessary stress in the long run.

Enhanced Employee Safety

Even something as simple as having a mobile patrol go through a parking lot or a business location every so often can do wonders for employee safety. What’s more, mobile security guards can act as escorts for employees needing extra protection, such as those transporting high-value goods across sites or working in high-risk areas – something that can’t be achieved by hiring a basic static security guard.


When looking for mobile security patrol services in Edmonton, look no further than 365 Patrol. Our well trained, professional, and experienced industry-leading patrol units take pride in providing an incomparable level of protection and site safety. You won’t find them sitting in the back munching on donuts! Contact us today for a customized security program tailored to your needs.

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