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Effective Mobile Patrol Security Options

  • Roaming Security Patrols: Our professional security guards come to your site by vehicle and visually check the site from the vehicle. If you prefer, they can also walk around the site on foot, investigating all identifiable entry points and any other potential safety and security issues.
  • Our Vehicle Patrol Units: Our professional security unit patrols the property in one of our marked security patrol vehicles. This allows our guard to secure multiple locations or a very large site – such as a large production facility or oil & gas field – in a comparatively short period of time.
  • Alarm Response Services: We can dispatch a professional guard to your premises to respond to any alarm activations.

Our Mobile Security Patrol Services

Our mobile patrol services provide security guards who are constantly moving from point-to-point throughout their shifts. You will never find our security patrol guards sitting back and munching on donuts! Our guards are trained to be attentive, active, and responsive at all times.

Custom Property Inspection Schedules

Among the many advantages that this form of security offers is that it can have random inspection times. This means the location’s potential entry points will be inspected at unpredictable (but consistently regular) intervals throughout our guards’ shifts.

The Power of Preventative Security

Our random mobile patrol schedule allows for an extra level of security at your premises. Random patrol inspections help to further reduce the chances of would-be criminals trying to perpetrate a crime on your property since there is no way of anticipating when and where our roaming security patrols will show up next.

Onsite Roaming Security Guards

Our roaming security patrols provide a number of service options, designed to suit your specific security and safety needs. These options include:

  • Vehicle and/or foot security patrol services
  • Multi-location protection options
  • Comprehensive perimeter patrol protocols
  • Large location field patrols
  • Secure courier delivery services
  • Randomized location inspection times
  • Fire watch and emergency response protocols
  • Roadblock and detour enforcement’s
  • Parking and traffic flow enforcement

We provide the fully trained, professional, and experienced security guards Calgary relies on. Let our industry-leading security patrol units provide you with an uncompromising level of protection and site safety.

Contact us today so we can help develop a customized security program for your needs.

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