Three Reasons to Hire Mobile Patrol Security for Your Truck Terminal

Trucks are responsible for transporting over 90% of Canada’s consumer goods and foodstuffs both domestically and across the border with the United States. Needless to say, the entire country would come grinding to a halt if it weren’t for the trucking industry. However, as vital as trucking is to the country’s economy and the wellbeing … Continued

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Why Your Business Needs Mobile Patrolling Services

Whether as an add-on to an existing security program or as a standalone service, virtually any business can benefit from mobile patrol security services. Unlike static guard services, mobile patrolling services involve guards patrolling either the whole property or designated areas on foot or in a vehicle. This means that security patrols are, by nature, … Continued

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Why You Should Hire a Quality Security Company

Security is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. Whether we’re sitting at home or shopping in our favorite mall, we like to feel safe, and like with most things, a higher-quality security company means higher-quality safety. However, many security clients, unfortunately, don’t understand exactly what they’re paying for or what … Continued

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How to Keep Your Business Protected During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the recent COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across the nation, businesses are facing an unprecedented decline in foot traffic and increased isolation. In light of this, those businesses that didn’t depend on walk-in foot traffic or their employees to be on-site have shut down their main operations and switched to a remote working model, … Continued

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Four Benefits of Hiring Mobile Patrol Security Services in Edmonton

When thinking about security services, most people’s minds immediately drift toward static guards. However, it’s not always viable, nor is it always possible to have static security guards stationed at your business 24/7 – and that’s where mobile security patrols come in. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution for your business in Edmonton … Continued

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Why Hire A Contract Security Guard Company for Your Business?

As crime rates are on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rely on the local police to respond in a timely manner. Local governments simply can’t afford a permanent police presence at every private business which is why more and more businesses are turning to private security companies to protect their assets. No matter … Continued

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Four Reasons to Hire Construction Security in Edmonton

As construction technology continues to progress, modern construction sites have started to house more complex and more expensive equipment – prime targets for thieves and vandals. With such equipment costing thousands of dollars, they’re assets no construction company can afford to have stolen or vandalized. Here are four reasons why you need construction security in … Continued

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Hiring a Security Guard Company in Calgary, What To Look For

To some, hiring a private security company may seem like an unnecessary expense, but consider exactly what you stand to lose if someone breaches your security. If you want to ensure your business’ safety, there’s no way around it – you need to invest in top-quality security. We understand that this can seem like a … Continued

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Edmonton Industrial Security Professionals

With the vast amount of industrial land being bought and sold in Edmonton, businesses and landowners alike might be wondering how to protect their assets. Industrial and commercial sites have specific security requirements that need to be addressed, which require specialized security companies to handle. 365 Patrol offers a full range of industrial and commercial … Continued

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5 Tips to Improve Construction Site Security

Expensive equipment and material stored on a construction site are a prime target for criminals like thieves and vandals. For this reason, it’s important that you properly secure your site and to help you with this we’ll be going over 5 simple, yet effective tips to improving construction site security. Conduct a Security Audit Construction … Continued

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