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Our standing guards are a central part of our network of security services. Uniformed standing guards are there to provide a presence and ensure that your property is protected against loitering, graffiti, theft, crime and other activities that can drive customers away. Each of our guards is educated and trained to be professional, courteous and effective.

365 Patrol, one of the quality security companies in Calgary, is fully equipped to professionally handle all of your Calgary security guard needs.  We provide a static guard service. As opposed to mobile security service, who move from site to site over a shift, a static security guard is dedicated to a specific location over a period of time, providing different security services at that location as needed.

We offer excellent entry-point security:  regardless of the type of location in Calgary, our static guards will staff a checkpoint and verify credentials of people entering and exiting a premise. Alternatively, we provide static security services where a guard is stationed at a specific point monitoring people as they move throughout the surrounding location.  Static security guard services by their very nature means that the guards are developing specific protocols wherever they monitor and are highly vigilant in seeking out and reporting any issues.  You can rest assured that your security needs will be our top priority.

Our professional and qualified personnel can be dedicated to nearly any location in Calgary to provide a variety of static guard services, tailored to your specific needs as a client.  When it comes to Calgary static security guard services, 365 Patrol simply cannot be beat.

Our Calgary Static Security Guard Services focus on providing:

  • Stationary security guard protocols specifically designed for your protection needs
  • Access-point monitoring and enforcement at any location
  • Credential inspection as well as bag search procedures, conducted in professional and courteous manner
  • Respectful and courteous security guards focused on providing professional customer service
  • Vigilant maintenance of the premise with little intrusion on client’s operations
  • Dedication to the continued maintenance of safe operations at any location
  • Proactive consulting to develop the proper security for a premise, based on our considerable experience in security services.

Contact 365 Patrol today so we can help develop a customized static security guard program based on your specific needs. Whatever they are, we provide a quality Calgary security guard service.

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