About Us

365 Patrol is a new and expanding security service for the Calgary, Alberta Canada area. We provide a wide array of security services to businesses and individuals. Among the forms of service, we offer are commercial and retail security services, as well as residential and personalized protection services. The company has developed a large team of security guards to provide the highest level of security services to any clientele. We have employed highly qualified individuals to be members of our team and who are personally trusted by the owners to provide the highest level of security service each client. The company was founded by several professional security guards who have a wealth of knowledge in the industry. These founders have seen the major issue that plague competing security companies, developing specific protocols to manage our guards to ensure that they can provide the specific security services our clientele requires. Contact us today so that we may help you develop specific security programs for your individualized needs.

Our Mission

We provide detailed and outstanding site security as well as patrol security services to our clientele. 365 Patrol, endeavors on every client contract to provide the best security protection a client can request, while ensuring that clients, their customers, and the general public are treated fairly and cordially by every one of our security guards.

Our Values

365 Patrol has developed its business upon many different values. However, some of the most important values to the company are: a commitment to customer service; developing detailed customized plans for each client; providing high-quality security services to every client regardless of their situation; as well as developing relationships with each client to provide the highest quality of service.

Latest News

Should You Get Security Guards in Calgary for Your Neighborhood?

Realizing the importance of keeping an eye on the activities taking place in the surroundings certainly helps in reducing the crime rate. There are various ways of ensuring security and a number of plans are also present to ensure crime reduction; however, the basic and the most effective way is to hire security guards. With the help of a foolproof security system, you will be able to enjoy a good environment in your community. However, to live in a crime free area, hiring security guards from a professional security service is the best choice!

 2015-11-09 14:38:15