Mobile Patrol


365 Patrol offers a wide array of mobile patrol security services to our clientele. We can provide security rovers, in which the security guard is on foot and physically walks around a premise checking entry points or other safety, security issues. Other forms of mobile patrol may be in the form of a vehicle patrol, in which the security guard secures multiple locations or a very large premise, such as an oil or gas field. The precise nature of mobile patrol is such that the security guard is constantly moving from point-to-point. One of the advantages of this form of security is that it can be randomized for when the location will be checked. Therefore, the randomization of mobile patrol allows for an extra level of security at a premise, for potential intruders are unaware when he patrol will be inspecting the location.

Our Mobile Security is offered using these parameters:

  • Vehicle or foot patrol programs
  • Multiple location protection service
  • Perimeter patrol
  • Large location field patrols
  • Courier delivery
  • Varied time inspection of premises
  • Fire Watch Protocols
  • Road block enforcement
  • Parking enforcement

Contact 365 Patrol today so we can help develop a customized security program for your needs!  We have quality security guards Calgary can rely on.

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